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What is Verify360 ?

Verify360 is a smarter email verification for marketers and developers! Ensure 99% of your emails reach your customers.

You will need to upload the email list in a .TXT or CSV. We will catch everything from there and give you the cleaned email list. Make sure that emails must be in 1-column (You may add unlimited columns of other data).

The cleaning time depends upon the email list size. However in common, you will be able to download the clean list within few hours.

Verify360 offers a 500 free credit for all new users. Once the free credits spent, the user needs to choose a pricing plan from the Pricing page.

No. Verify360 is a SaaS product. Just log in and go for it!

How does free trial/credit works ?

After successful sign-up, the user gets 500 free credits.

No, the credits will never expire.

Verify360 charges only based on the credits you purchased. Pricing starts at one credit per verification , see our full price information here Pricing

Verify360 accepts all major debit and credit cards. Our payment gateways meet all the updated security standards.

What are the different pricing options available ?

We provide the following prepaid plans:

  • One Time/Pay As You Go - Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment.
  • Monthly subscription - Pay a fixed amount once each month and we add credits to your account automatically.
  • Annually subscription - Pay a fixed amount once a year and we add credits to your account automatically.

The existing customers will be treated as a part of the ‘One Time/Pay As You Go’ plan unless they subscribe to any other plan. They can go ahead with subscribing to the plan that suits them the best.

In all the subscription plans the credits get carried forward and never expire.

In case of any kind of switching, from a lower to a higher plan or higher to a lower plan, the user needs to pay the subscription amount in full. The subscription plans do not carry the option for a refund.

Billing for different plans-

  • One Time/Pay As You Go - The bill will be generated at the time of purchase.
  • Monthly subscription - The bill will be generated every 30-days from the date of subscription.
  • Annually subscription -The bill will be generated every 365 days from the date of subscription.

How can I identify the email addresses that are safe to send ?

Verify360 performs advance level filtering on valid email addresses to filter out false positive and risky emails. This process identifies good quality email addresses to achieve the best deliverability and increases your email open rates. These good quality addresses are marked as valid with a deliverability scoring greater than 0.75. We strongly recommend using email addresses that meet above conditions while sending emails in bulk.

Verify360 email list cleaning system helps you to get more genuine business conversions by validating your email list. Sending emails to the addressee that are uncertain will adversely affect your email and website reputation. An extreme bounce rate can also lead to suspension of your email marketing accounts too. It is highly advised to clean your email list and remove bad emails to guarantee high inbox deliverability.

The "Unknown" status means both the possibilities exist: the email may be valid or invalid. This happens when the receiving server is not responding well. We recommend you to retry such emails after some time.

Sometimes receiving mail servers are configured such that it accepts all emails sent to them. This can be usually seen in business email addresses. In many cases, the receiving server accepts all emails for that domain and never bounces it back to the sender. We do not recommend to send emails to “Catch-All" addresses or send it slowly with caution. Deliverability for such addresses is not guaranteed.

No, it doesn't. Verify360 employs DNS and SMTP protocol functionalities to perform email address validations and absolutely avoids sending any email message to external mail exchangers for delivery.

Do the user need to be concerned about the privacy of the data while using Verify360?

Verify360 is a SaaS tool operating according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Verify360 does not process or store email addresses for any purpose other than validation. Verify360 does not share our client data with any third party at any time.

Yes, our service is fully compliant with the GDPR.

No, never. No one other than you has access to your data/email lists.

I have a more specific question. What do I do ?

Feel free to contact on Live Chat or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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